Exchange Traded Options (ETOs) are a versatile and flexible tool that allow you to employ a range of approaches. Options can be used to complement or refine your existing share strategies, or take advantage of opportunities in ways that owning shares can't.

Options can be used to limit risk or to take on risk to profit depending on your approach. Options can be as simple or as complex as you want.


Options can be used in a variety of ways, depending on the strategy you can:


tickManage risk in a falling market - lock in your gains or limit losses.

tickGenerate additional income without taking on additional risk.

tickGive yourself time to decide - allows you the freedom to decide whether to invest in specific shares, without being committed to a course of action.

tickPotentially profit from any market direction - rising, falling or going sideways.

tickProvide leverage to potentially increase returns.


We are holding educational seminars that cater for a range of experience in trading from beginner to intermediate.

In the "Intro to Options" workshop, you'll learn about the risk and returns associated with options trading. We'll run through practical examples on how basic call and put strategies can be used to protect or generate more income from your portfolio.

In the Intermediate session client will develop their knowledge of Exchange Traded Options trading from the basics and look at how to expand their understanding of trading strategies. We will consider how orders are best executed for tailor-made combination orders, and how strategies can be used to limit losses, but also provide significant benefits.

Please consider the assumed knowledge below, as this seminar is aimed at intermediate-level options traders.

Assumed Knowledge:
Understanding of trading call options and put options separately;
Understanding of the risk and profitability of call and put options.